CCTV8 re-brand

In 2010 Brand Energies were tasked with creating new IDs and a comprehensive Onscreen Presentation system (OSP) for CCTV8, China’s main Drama channel.
We used a flowing red ribbon as the channel’s main visual property.
The red ribbon becomes a story-telling device in the IDs, leading the viewer on dream-like journeys into world’s filled with clouds, kites, mythical fish and golden dragons…
One of the most enjoyable parts of this job was working with talented Chinese illustrators and animators to create the unique illustrated assets and then have them modelled and rigged in 3D.
For the visually stunning OSP system the red ribbon becomes a navigation device to bring on appointment-to-view information and also acts as a background strap.
The rich and beautiful visuals are accompanied by a grand, sweeping orchestral score created by Massive Music in Shanghai.