CCTV1 Rebrand 2013 / 14

CCTV1 is the most watched television channel in China, combining general entertainment programming with state news. In September 2012 we were asked to rebrand the channel to give it a fresh new look and feel in time for 1st of January 2013 and with a view for further branding sequences to follow later in 2013 to mark the network’s move to its awesome new headquarters at the Rem Koolhaus-designed CCTV building.
We convinced CCTV1 that the channel needed a powerful and flexible new visual property that could represent the diversity and strength of its programming. We came up with the idea of glass energy arcs orbiting around the CCTV1 logo and designed three distinct brand sequences to give the channel a balance of diversity and unity. A Generic or ‘Hero’ ID was first to launch followed by a News ID made up of data arcs and an Entertainment ID made from coloured neon arcs.
This imagery was then applied across the onscreen presentation system to give seamless consistency. Music by composer David Lowe transformed the channel’s earlier harsh 4 note jingle into a contemporary and melodic series of sonic branding pieces.


As part of Brand Energies on-going rebrand of CCTV1 we were honored to be asked to create a unified identity for all News programming on the channel. Our creative solution was to evolve CCTV1's Arc Energy visual property into 'News Data Arcs' to act as a circular visual expression of CCTV1 News services. Blue was chosen as the News colour-way in contrast to the multi-coloured backgrounds of the Generic identity sequence - designed by Brand Energies in 2013. In this way the move from General Entertainment programmes into the channel's regular News programming blocks is clearly identified, whilst keeping channel brand consistency through the continued use of the circle energy. The same circle motif has just been applied to a stunning series of new CCTV News Studio sets designed by American set designer Jim Fenhagen, featuring 40-foot-long, ultra high-resolution LED screens. The Studio sets, due to appear in the coming months, will be used across shared News programmes appearing on CCTV1 and CCTV13.

This consistency is also supported by music composed once more by David Lowe (who wrote the iconic 'pips' music for BBC News). Lowe re-interpreted his music signature for CCTV1’s Generic identity into a highly engaging theme for News.

CCTV1 News ID launched on 1st January 2014 across all of Mainland China to reach an expected News time audience of 500 million viewers per day.


BE has created a sparkling new 10 seconds identity sequence for CCTV1, China’s biggest and most-watched TV channel, to distinctively brand it’s Light Entertainment programmes in 2014.

The Entertainment ID is designed to compliment our Generic ID and News ID for CCTV1. Our youthful new multi-coloured design solution evolves CCTV1's Arc Energy visual property into ‘Neon Entertainment Arcs' that pulse and strobe to syncopated clubby music as they orbit around the CCTV1 logotype.

Brand Energies worked again with British music composer David Lowe, who composed and produced all the original music and sound design for CCTV1’s main Generic and News idents. Like our visuals, Lowe’s music for each ID shares CCTV1’s common musical theme but is given energetic and clubby thematic variation to match the Light Entertainment genre.


As part of Brand Energies’ total rebrand package for CCTV1 our agency has created a new mascot for the channel’s Entertainment offering… a red shiny ball character affectionately known as Mr C.

Mr C is an adorable, rather cheeky little chap and shows an exciting new approach from CCTV1. We initially created an introductory ID for Mr C and followed that up with a Chinese New Year ID where Mr C gets to grips with a Chinese scroll to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year. CCTV1’s in-house presentation team have now taken up the challenge to start making their own Mr C IDs using in-house animation resources whilst following our successful design formula. Look out for more Mr C IDs around China’s national holidays.