CCTV4 2016 Rebrand

We have recently re-branded China Central Television’s CCTV4 with a complete new on-screen identity package that includes a new channel logo, new on-screen presentation system, logo resolves and a series of gorgeous 10 seconds channel IDs.

CCTV4 features a mixture of Chinese culture and art programmes combined with news programmes, and is positioned to appeal to both domestic Chinese as well as overseas Chinese audiences across Asia, America and Europe.

We began by giving the channel a clear new channel proposition: ‘China Perspectives’.

To express this, the new logo adopts a red square frame around its pre-existing 4 numeral, which was also redrawn by our design team, to create a confident new 4 brandmark.

We created a series of CG animated IDs that explore and celebrate ancient and contemporary Chinese culture and sensibilities, using the red square frame as the main visual icon. This was then extended throughout the OSP to create dynamic Menus, Coming Next and Promo Ends as well as Transition wipes using the red frame.

The Paper Cutout ID has just aired over the Chinese New Year holiday period. It features a bespoke 2D handcrafted design by renowned paper cutout artist WenTong Shu that has been turned into a three dimensional CG frame model.

Brand Energies’ onscreen branding for CCTV4 is also the first within CCTV’s network of 22 free-to-air channels to adopt the new CCTV network logo.