February 2016 – BE re-launch CCTV4 with “China Perspectives”

We have recently re-branded China Central Television’s CCTV4 with a complete new on-screen identity package that includes a new channel logo, new on-screen presentation system, logo resolves and a series of gorgeous 10 seconds channel IDs.

CCTV4 features a mixture of Chinese culture and art programmes combined with news programmes, and is positioned to appeal to both domestic Chinese as well as overseas Chinese audiences across Asia, America and Europe.

We began by giving the channel a clear new channel proposition: ‘China Perspectives’.

To express this, the new logo adopts a red square frame around its pre-existing 4 numeral, which was also redrawn by our design team, to create a confident new 4 brandmark.

We created a series of CG animated IDs that explore and celebrate ancient and contemporary Chinese culture and sensibilities, using the red square frame as the main visual icon. This was then extended throughout the OSP to create dynamic Menus, Coming Next and Promo Ends as well as Transition wipes using the red frame.

The Paper Cutout ID has just aired over the Chinese New Year holiday period. It features a bespoke 2D handcrafted design by renowned paper cutout artist WenTong Shu that has been turned into a three dimensional CG frame model.

Brand Energies’ onscreen branding for CCTV4 is also the first within CCTV’s network of 22 free-to-air channels to adopt the new CCTV network logo.

May 1, 2015-Brand Energies re-launch CCTV2 Financial channel

“Value is Everywhere” is the channel slogan of CCTV2 Financial channel. It reflects the channel’s brand values and clearly distinguishes it from international business channels such as Bloomberg and CNBC.

Visually communicating and celebrating this slogan in a meaningful and dynamic way became our creative springboard when CCTV2 approached us to re-brand their channel in 2015 as they switched to HD broadcasting from their new CCTV headquarters in Beijing.

Our creative solution was to design The Grid, a new visual property derived directly from the square panels motif that are a distinctive part of the CCTV2 logo. The Grid is a dynamic graphic device of square panels that constantly flips and spins in on screen IDs to bringing fresh and diverse live action images to the audience.

Distinctive new sonic branding has been composed by international award-winning composer Joe Glasman of Hum in London.

Brand Energies rebrand CCTV2 Financial channel - starting with Holiday ID, 2015

Here’s Brand Energies' new ID for CCTV2 Financial channel that has been on-air since Chinese New Year 2015.

The 15 second ident was designed specifically for the national holiday period and is the first in a series of IDs our studio has created that will completely re-brand CCTV2 in 2015 as it moves over to HD broadcasting from CCTV’s new headquarters.

Brand Energies have also completely re-designed the channel’s News Info Graphics system including its Headlines straps, News Ticker and Share Prices flipper. The re-brand features The Grid; a new visual property derived directly from the square panels motif that are a distinctive part of the CCTV2 logo.

Distinctive new sonic branding has been composed by international award-winning composer Joe Glasman of Hum in London.

Creative Director - Sandy MacMillan   Client Director - Tan Lei   Producer - Christina Zhang

King Bert Productions new brandmark

Two of Britain’s best-loved comedy stars David Walliams (‘Little Britain’) and Miranda Hart (‘Miranda’) recently joined forces with renowned TV producer Jo Sargent (former Creative Head of Comedy at the BBC) to form comedy production company King Bert Productions and they asked Brand Energies to design their new logo for them.

We were privileged to work with UK illustrator Perry-May Britton to design the new company’s brandmark from her funny and charming illustrations.

We designed with simplicity in mind, creating a logo that is optimised to work in black and white for BBC end credit boards - the UK’s national broadcaster requires its partners’ logos to appear only in black and white alongside the BBC logo at the end of its programme credits.

Jo Sargent, Director of King Bert Productions comments: “Brand Energies understood our requirements straight away and struck just the right balance between a fun, irreverent mascot and a corporate mark. We all love our King Bert logo.”

King Bert Productions is already adapting Walliams’ novel Boy in the Dress for BBC1 and producing the second series of his BBC1 comedy Big School. BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC, will support the new company with development funding and in return will acquire the global distribution rights to King Bert’s programming output around the world.

New visual identity for HB WORLD movie theme park

Here’s our new brandmark and visual identity program for H. Brother’s huge movie theme park that is opening soon in Suzhou. We worked with Huayi Studios & Resorts for 12 months designing a comprehensive visual identity program that includes applications such as staff uniforms, signage, bus livery as well as a range of merchandise.

Our brandmark design is based on a three-dimensional rendering of the letter H into a castle-like, multi-coloured icon. The H castle and its distinctive colours represent the movie theme park and the different entertainment zones within it.

As part of the visual identity programme we also designed a “Film Swoosh” visual property to work with the brandmark across different applications. The V.I. program features two main brand signatures; a portrait version where the brandmark sits above the logotype, and a horizontal version where the brandmark sits alongside the logotype.

CCTV1 NEWS identity 2014

As part of Brand Energies on-going rebrand of CCTV1 we were honored to be asked to create a unified identity for all News programming on the channel. Our creative solution was to evolve CCTV1's Arc Energy visual property into 'News Data Arcs' to act as a circular visual expression of CCTV1 News services. Blue was chosen as the News colour-way in contrast to the multi-coloured backgrounds of the Generic identity sequence - designed by Brand Energies in 2013. In this way the move from General Entertainment programmes into the channel's regular News programming blocks is clearly identified, whilst keeping channel brand consistency through the continued use of the circle energy. The same circle motif has just been applied to a stunning series of new CCTV News Studio sets designed by American set designer Jim Fenhagen, featuring 40-foot-long, ultra high-resolution LED screens. The Studio sets, due to appear in the coming months, will be used across shared News programmes appearing on CCTV1 and CCTV13.

This consistency is also supported by music composed once more by David Lowe (who wrote the iconic 'pips' music for BBC News). Lowe re-interpreted his music signature for CCTV1’s Generic identity into a highly engaging theme for News.

CCTV1 News ID launched on 1st January 2014 across all of Mainland China to reach an expected News time audience of 500 million viewers per day.

CCTV-9 branding and promotions scoop more awards at PromaxBDA Asia


A wonderful night at the 2013 PromaxBDA Awards in Singapore saw Brand Energies receive two Silver awards to add to last year’s 3 Golds and Global Excellence Bronze award for CCTV-9 Documentary channel’s branding and promotions.

We won Silver Award 2013 BDA ASIA Best On-Air Channel Branding for New Cube World idents and 2013 PROMAX ASIA Best Sales and Marketing Presentation for Channel promotional video for MIPTV Conference in Cannes 2013. In 2012 Brand Energies were awarded three Golds for Best On-Air Channel Branding, Best On-Air Idents and Best Sting.

Brand Energies has been the lead design agency for CCTV-9 since shortly after the channel launched in 2011. Well done to everyone involved, many congratulations to the Presentation team at CCTV-9 with whom we share the awards and a big thank you to PromaxBDA Asia. (Dec 2013)

Three new IDs for CCTV-9 Documentary channel

CCTV-9 Documentary channel recently asked Brand Energies for a further 3 Exhibit Cube idents to add to their original set of award-winning IDs that we created for them in 2011.

The channel’s iconic glass cube now appears in situ in the Amazonian rainforest, on a peak close to Mont Blanc and at the Great Barrier Reef, Australia.

Live-action helicopter shots were sourced from T3 Media after many hours of searching and testing to find the most beautiful and suitable aerial landscape shots in which the Exhibit Cube could be placed. All three IDs were delivered in full HD.

Music and sound design is by Joe Glasman of Hum in London. Directed by Sandy MacMillan with post-production by Coffee and TV, London.

In related news, CCTV Documentary channel recently deepened cooperation with BBC Worldwide by signing a memorandum of understanding to expand collaboration in the field of natural history content.

For further details: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/chinas-cctv-bbc-worldwide-cooperation-656866

H.Brothers retains Brand Energies for theme park visual identity

We are pleased to announce that H. Brothers Film Studios have asked us to design the visual identity for their upcoming theme park in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. The theme park is a massive project and will be the first of its kind in Asia. Our visual identity will take the form of a logo / brand signature, a comprehensive range of print applications and brand style guide. H. Brothers is China’s most successful film production company with recent hit movies such as “Journey to the West” starring Steven Chou and “Tai Chi” starring Jet Li.

Stunning new space station view of Earth ID for CCTV-9

CCTV-9 has just aired a stunning new Cube Earth ID created by Brand Energies. The 20 seconds ID is based on space station-like imagery of a sunset beautifully illuminating Earth  - as the camera pulls out a spectacular Cube-shaped Earth is revealed. CCTV-9 were so impressed by the sheer scale and detail of the ID that they asked Brand Energies for not one but TWO original scores written to the same picture! Each score gives the sequence a unique mood: a mesmerizing choral scored version that is aired in the mornings, and a fuller symphonic version that is aired in the evenings. Check out which version ticks all your boxes! The music also introduces a new sonic signature for CCTV-9 that will be carried through future IDs. All music is composed and produced by Joe Glasman of Hum in London. In addition Brand Energies created a mnemonic end version that resolves through to the CCTV-9 channel logo.

Client: CCTV-9 Documentary channel                       Director: Sandy MacMillan
Supervising Animator: Phil Hurrell at Coffee & TV      Designer: John Kennedy
Music: Joe Glasman at Hum                                       Producer: Tan Lei

CCTV Documentary channel makes a big splash at Cannes TV Festival.

CCTV Documentary channel led the biggest ever attendance of Chinese media companies at this year’s Cannes TV Festival. Brand Energies were retained for the second year running by CCTV9 to create a special channel promo showcasing the channel to the Festival’s international attendees. Our three minutes promo features clips from the channel’s latest documentary series accompanied by an English-language script with voice over by renowned British actor John Shrapnel, recorded at Silk Sound in London.

The festival has been a great success for CCTV Documentary channel, with the signing of agreements with several foreign media companies including BBC Worldwide, as part of its larger plan to bring Chinese documentaries to the world stage.

Creative Director: Sandy MacMillan                  Copywriter: Nigel Cole
Editor: John Buck                                              Producer: Bo Chen  
Music: Jake Sanderson                                     Voice Over: John Shrapnel

Introducing CCTV1’s Mr C mascot

As part of Brand Energies’ total rebrand package for CCTV1 our agency has created a new mascot for the channel’s Entertainment offering… a red shiny ball character affectionately known as Mr C.
Mr C is an adorable, rather cheeky little chap and shows an exciting new approach from CCTV1.  We’ve created an introductory ID for Mr C and followed that up with a Chinese New Year ID where Mr C gets to grips with a scroll to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year.

Brand Energies wins 3 Golds at PromaxBDA Asia

PromaxBDA Asia has honored Brand Energies work for CCTV Documentary channel with 3 Gold awards! We scooped up top prizes for Best On-Air Channel Branding, Best On-Air Ident and Best Sting. These awards accompany the Global Excellence Design Award for Best Interstitial / Short Form Campaign we won at PromaxBDA in LA earlier in the year.

Mei Li Ji Lu title sequence for CCTV1

CCTV1's flagship documentary series gets a new title sequence with universal, big screen appeal. The mesmerising sequence features Earth moving past camera into shadow to seamlessly form an eye made out of distant nebula.